Party Portraits Photo Booth Rentals in Baton Rouge & New Orleans Areas

Party Portraits Photo Booth delivers an interactive and memorable addition to any wedding reception, party, or corporate event in Louisiana. With each booth rental, you will receive unlimited prints, a customized overlay designed especially for your event, a memory album, use of one of our prop chests, and online gallery with all photos taken by the booth during your event. Contact us today for more information!

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is the latest and greatest in photo booth technology. It looks like a regular mirror, but guests will be amazed as instructions appear directly on the mirror. Interact with the mirror with touch screen technology and finish your photo strip by signing your name directly on the mirror.

Classic Enclosed Canopy

Think of the traditional photo booth at the boardwalk or in the mall. Enclosed photo booths are what most people may associate as “photo booth”. They are enclosed structures usually with a full curtain surrounding the people inside while pictures are being taken. Why might you consider this type of photo booth for your guests?

360 Photo Booth

Our friends at offer Think of the 360 photo studio at the mall. Open air photo booths are what most people may associate with “portable photo studio”. They are open air structures usually with a backdrop that people will stand in front of while pictures are being taken. So why might you consider is this type of photo booth for your guests?

Going Above & Beyond

Get the following features included in your rental.

Unlimited Prints

That’s right: Un. Limited. And not just on hard copies; your guests can email or upload their photos to social media right at the booth. The result? Pockets, inboxes and social feeds brimming with event photos.

Trunk of Props

Your event isn’t 2-dimensional, neither are our props. Throw on that feather boa, put on that mask and party like you’re the Batman of the ball; we’ll be cheering you on the whole time.

Memory Album

Wondering where your guests are? They’re making all the memories with us. Don’t worry; we had them leave you a photo and a note in your personal event scrapbook.

Customized Overlay + Cloud

You love it when your clothes fit you. We love it when our booth fits you. We tailor your print designs to accentuate your event’s features and theme. We’ll also send you a personal gallery with all of your photos from the event.

Social Sharing Options

Want an instant print of that selfie? Publicly post it to Social Media with your event hashtag and it automatically prints out at the booth. Again, we’re wizards. You’re welcome.

Top Notch Attendant

Forget the fancy terms; you don’t need them to book with us. We provide an attendant who is versed in our state of the art tech + has great social skills. Your guests will be thinking we’re super-friendly wizards. And we are.



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We DO NOT charge for video, photo prints or media downloads after your event! When its all over, all video and photography from your evening is instantly uploaded to our cloud service and available to you and your guests to download for free.Get My Photos